Log-periodic antenna with interdigital structure for energy harvesting from TV Broadcast Tower


In this paper, the interdigital structure is applied to the design of a miniaturized planar log-periodic antenna which is used in a TV broadcast wireless energy harvesting system. The lateral size of the printed antenna can be reduced approximately 35% while the overall performance characteristics is improved slightly. The simulated gain reaches 7.27dB at 515MHz and the measured -10-dB bandwidth is from 500MHz to 600MHz, which is sufficient for the television band in Suzhou, China. The energy harvesting system equipped with the proposed antenna is tested, and the measured output voltage is 2.2 V.

IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference 2015

This paper is one of the achievements of an Undergraduate Innovation Project in which I was responsible for the design of energy-harvesting antenna for electromagnetic wave of Suzhou TV tower’s frequency band.

Though I don’t do things about RF anymore, I learned the process of doing research from this valuable experience.