Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

In this project, the car can be remotely controlled to designated positions, measure temperature and humidity, and send the measurements back to display on LCD as well PC. This project uses 8051-based STC12C5A60S2 as the microcontroller, TI’s CC1101 as the wireless transceiver, and DHT11 as the temperature & humidity sensor. The code of MCU part is written in C, and the PC display part is in C#.

Demo video

(This video is filmed by me while I operates the system so it’s a bit shaky)

System framework

Hardwares & GUI

The four keys on the controller corresponds to car’s turning left, turning right, moving forward, and starting measure (from left to right, top to bottom)

Controller (front)

controller front

Controller (front)

controller back


Car Part


(In Chinese, the left side is the settings of the serial ports; humidity and temperature are displayed on the right side) GUI